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Body contouring class

This class covers:
- Theory Lecture 
- Consent Forms & Disclosure Agreements
- Hands On training with live model 
- Health & Safety
- Lymphatic Drainage
- Overview of Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction
- Vacuum therapy for butt
- Marketing Strategies 
- Wood Therapy

also included: 
- Manual
- Certificate of Completion 
- Professional Cavitation Machine with, radio frequency (face&body), vacuum, laser lipo pads
Butt Lift Machine with Vacuum therapy for butt / cupping
Wood Therapy Kit 

-Total Cost of Course with "ALL MACHINES" and "WOOD THERAPY TOOLS"= $3800 

If you still want to take the Body Contouring class but you want to buy your own machine and kit, 

Total for this class will be $2800 certificate only included machine and kit will NOT be included.

For Booking please text or call 347 262 1310

Duration: 2 Days / 8 hours 

Day 1 includes review of theory, Client Consent/Waivers and hands on with instructors, Cavitaion Machine. 

Day 2 Wood therapy - Learn how to use Colombian Wood Therapy to help your clients decrease cellulite and dissolve fat. Learn all about these wonderful portable wooden tools designed for a several strengths and fatty areas of the body. Wood Therapy is an active and natural way of manipulate the body and applying careful pressure to problem areas, improving skin look and contouring the body. After that we will be hands on with our butt machine. 

Please bring your own model

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