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Hair services

All Organic Hair Salon 

#1 in all Hair extension techniques such as:
​Microbeads/Braidless Weave

Micro Loop


Crochet Hair 

Braidless Weave Microbeads GENA DEVA BROOKLYN.jpg

What is Braidless Weave Microbeads?

We measure the tracks to your head, double it, and close it from ear to ear with silicone micro beads. No heat, No glue, No braids. Because the natural hair is not being braided under the weave, a braidless weave will lie closer and flatter to the scalp and not be as bulky. 

This style of weave can work well with many hair types, not just coarser styles, since there is no braiding. Tip, because the natural hair is still loose beneath the weave, it will add volume and allow for easier cleaning. Like a partial weave, it is very important that a braidless weave be similar in color and texture to the natural hair.

Individual Microloops strand by strand GENA DEVA BROOKLYN.jpg

What is Individual Microloops strand by strand? 

Micro Loops is a system if you want your hair extensions to feel and look as natural as possible. Strand by Strand is the technique that looks and moves more naturally than any other method.

Instead of sew in or gluing the extensions onto your own hair strand...the Micro Loop Technique simply uses small beads, or rings, to attach the hair extension to your own hair! The extensions have a tip and are threaded into the micro loop. The loop is then clamped shut with the closing tool. Done

Hair Extensions

Benefits of hair extensions

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to add instant length, volume, and glamour to your hair. They allow you to experiment with different styles, colors, and looks without causing damage or commitment to your natural hair. Perfect for special occasions or just adding a touch of luxury to your everyday look.

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